We are a local Ballarat, Victorian Business who love to read and aim to make a difference. So many used books are simply disposed of once they've been read, but we believe they should be passed on for someone else to enjoy! So we created Book Bounce to give second hand books another chance to be loved and enjoyed by a new owner. We search for unwanted books through any medium we can, as well as accepting donations of unwanted books. We then upload our bounced books here, offering them for sale at competitive prices in order to help find them a new home. We then send them straight to your door or we offer FREE local delivery for the Ballarat area.

It's our mission to save all the books we can and to keep as many books out of landfill as possible. We consider the environmental impact of adding old books to landfill, so part of our mission is to repurpose old books which are beyond saving, by considering how the old paper can be recycled and reused. Our other mission is to allow children to have access to reading material. We as a business take pride in giving back where we can to support our community.

Thank you for supporting our mission and if you have any books you were thinking of throwing/giving away, feel free to contact us and we would be happy to help :)


A big part of our mission at Book Bounce is to help connect children with books. We want to help by creating opportunities for kids to gain access to a variety of reading material.

In our ethos, we strive to give back where we can to allow the beginning of creative thinking, innovative writing and compelling artistic creative direction for our future creators.

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