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Our #dontjudgeabook initiative challenges the norm when it comes to choosing your next book to read.

How do we do this?

We do this by offering you a wrapped book - you don't know what the book is, nor do we! The book will be a complete surprise upon arrival to you! 

#dontjudgeabook aims to remove the stigma around not only used books, but book genre's, authors, titles and all to do with what a book is about, rather, accepting a book for what it is and the meaning behind rehoming a used book, knowing it has been saved from going to landfill and instead has made its way back into circulation to be enjoyed again and again - it's a good feeling for all of us :)

#dontjudgeabook is a conscientious action that you have the opportunity to take when you save a book and give it a second chance - together, we can save so many used books and this initiative by us here at Book Bounce is just one step toward achieving this mission - together, we can end the throw away culture around used books and give them the chance to continue their journey of being read and enjoyed for many years, and owners, to come :)

*Each book purchased through our #dontjudgeabook initiative helps us get closer to achieving our mission and vision of a world in which books are not simply thrown away, but moved onto the next owner to be read and appreciated.

*Recommended age for our current #dontjudgeabook stock is 16+ years.


Every book is sent via Standard Post with Australia Post and typical delivery takes between 2-8 business days.